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Experimental and Computational Investigation of High Entropy Alloys for Elevated High Temperature Applications

Performer: University of Tennessee

Project No: FE0008855

Project Images

Figure 1. Calculated isopleth of the AlxCoCrCuFeNi HEA system using thermodynamic descriptions. Similar calculations will be performed for the AlxCrCuFeMnNi HEA system to assist in the design of HEAs suitable for use in high-temperature applications.

Figure 2. Compressive stress-strain curves of Al0.5CoCrCuFeNi HEAs at (a) high strain rate (10/s) and (b) low strain rate (10-3/s) at elevated temperatures showing excellent strength (Tong CJ, et al. Met & Mat. Trans A, 2005, 36, 1263). Similar AlxCrCuFeMnNi HEAs will be developed by combining the best strength and creep resistance for use in the advanced ultrasupercritical (AUSC) steam based power generation cycle.

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