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Experimental and Computational Investigation of High Entropy Alloys for Elevated High Temperature Applications

Performer: University of Tennessee

Project No: FE0008855

Project Description

This project will identify and develop HEA s that have the key mechanical properties for use at elevated temperatures. Project personnel will make samples of the desired HEA compositions and perform compositional and microstructural analyses to characterize the structures of the developed HEAs. Researchers will perform conventional room-temperature and elevated-temperature uniaxial tensile and creep experiments. They will also use advanced characterization techniques, such as neutron and synchrotron diffraction, to determine structural changes of the new HEAs under applied stresses at high-temperatures. These advanced techniques will utilize in-situ testing of the mechanical behavior under uniaxial tension and compression or creep loading to identify deformation mechanisms under various stress loads at elevated temperatures.

Project Details