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Fabrication and Processing of Next Generation Oxygen Carrier Materials for Chemical Looping Combustion

Performer: University of Toledo

Project No: FE0008774

Project Description

This project combines synthesis and processing protocols to produce and characterize laboratory-scale quantities of new oxygen carrier materials. The team will perform thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA), abrasion and crush strength tests, and other analytical tests to determine the physical, structural, and chemical characteristics of these materials. The project research team will conduct laboratory scale reactivity tests on the materials under typical CLC oxidizing and reducing conditions.

During Phase 1, the research team will produce five-hundred gram quantities of a matrix of substituted perovskite compositions; extrude, calcine, and crush the materials into a fluidizable size; and perform physical and chemical analyses on the calcined extrudates. During Phase 2, the materials generated will be tested for their O2 carrying ability under typical CLC conditions. These tests will be performed at 900–950 degrees Celsius (°C) in both fixed and fluidized bed lab-scale reactors. The most promising materials will then be tested for their O2 reactivity with a solid fuel such as coal or wood char. After completing the reactivity tests, the research team will perform physical and chemical analyses on the materials to determine how the materials have changed after a number of cycles at oxidation/reduction conditions typical for power generation, as well their regeneration propensity for repeated and long-term use.

Project Details