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Development of Prototype Commercial Gasifier Sensor

Performer: Gas Technology Institute

Project No: FE0008350

Project Description

This project further develops and demonstrates the sensor technology developed under a previous project, "Real Time Flame Monitoring of Gasifier Burner and Injectors" DE-FC26-02NT41585. GTI developed a reliable, practical, and cost-effective means of monitoring coal gasifier feed injector flame characteristics using a modified version of an optical flame sensor. The present work begins with modification of the sensor software to enable real-time temperature data acquisition, data processing, and provision of the collected gasifier temperature information to the gasifier operators. A new purging system will be developed to eliminate or significantly reduce the deposition of fine black powder on the optical probe window during sensor operation with the goal of increasing the period of continuous deposit-free operation to six months. The modified gasifier sensor will be installed at the Wabash River commercial gasifier in Vigo County Indiana and tested over a six-month period to evaluate the sensor’s accuracy and durability. The project team will prepare a commercialization plan describing the product, the market, and the business activities required to make this new technology available for industrial use.

Conceptual Schematic of Sensor Installation on a Coal Gasifier.

Conceptual Schematic of Sensor Installation on a Coal Gasifier.
Figure provided courtesy of Gas Technology Institute.

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