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Advanced Energy Systems - Gasification Systems

Feasibility Studies to Improve Plant Availability and Reduce Total Installed Cost in IGCC Plants

Performer: General Electric

Project No: FE0007859


  • The project team identified improvement areas after reviewing GE’s standard Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), Process Flow Sketches (PFS), and gasification, scrubbing, and syngas cooler areas.
  • An operations philosophy has been identified and evaluated for cost impacts. Cost analysis has been completed for 22 improvements, with preliminary results showing a $1.2 million cost savings. This will change based on final review and assessment of additional improvements ideas.
  • Lab tests have commenced to understand fouling behaviors of ash on radiant syngas cooler (RSC) tube surfaces. The test plan includes &"sticking” tests to characterize the bond strength of fouling deposits to the heat exchanger tube surfaces at varying temperature in a pressurized, reducing (syngas) environment.
  • Research has been conducted on pulse detonation engine fouling removal. Various models have been used to investigate and help mitigate fouling.

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