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Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Bench-Scale Development and Testing of Rapid Pressure Swing Absorption for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Performer: W. R. Grace & Co.

Project No: FE0007639


  • Six candidate adsorbent materials were identified for testing with thermogravimetric cycling analysis to determine performance characteristics.

  • Various experimental apparatus were designed, built, and operated. The adsorbent materials were tested and the material identified as "zeolite 13X-small" demonstrated the largest CO2 adsorption capacity of the materials screened.

  • Metal substrates were coated with a slurry prepared using zeolite 13X-small. The coated metal foil sample passed the adhesion test and was further tested for characterization and working capacity. The unique 1-bed PSA apparatus designed to mimic various PSA cycle configurations.

  • Construction and testing of the Dynamic Volumetric Frequency Response (DVFR) apparatus was completed and shake-down runs were conducted. A suite of mathematical models was also developed to discern the dominant mass transfer mechanism of adsorbate-adsorbent pairs by determining which model or combinations thereof best fit the data from the DVFR apparatus.

  • Construction and testing of the single-column rapid PSA system was completed.

  • A preliminary design of the pressure drop test bed apparatus was completed.

  • A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model was developed for several geometries characteristic of typical structured sorbent materials. The predicted pressure drop for the unit cell models was evaluated and the results were verified against analytical expressions where possible. The agreement attained between CFD and the analytical results provide confidence in the CFD modeling process moving forward as geometries become more complex.

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