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Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

CO2 Binding Organic Liquids Gas Capture with Polarity Swing Assisted Regeneration

Performer: Battelle Memorial Institute

Project No: FE0007466

Project Description

Battelle Pacific Northwest Division (Battelle), Fluor Corporation, and Queen’s University have teamed together to develop a new CO2 capture technology for treating post-combustion power plant emissions. This new process couples the unique attributes of non-aqueous, switchable organic solvents (CO2-binding organic liquids; CO2BOLs) with the newly discovered polarity-swing-assisted regeneration (PSAR) process. The process requires significantly lower temperatures and energies for CO2 separation relative to conventional technology, making appreciable cost savings possible. Combining the PSAR with CO2BOLs is estimated to provide more than 42 percent energy savings over aqueous alkanolamine systems. Further, the low regeneration temperatures of the proposed technology allow a unique energy integration method that can reduce overall process parasitic energy requirements by more than 65 percent compared to commercial systems. An important characteristic of the PSAR process is that it efficiently utilizes heat from the power plant, rather than steam, to operate the CO2 capture process. This not only improves the efficiency of the overall process but also simplifies the use of this process as a retrofit to an existing pulverized coal power plant.

The process will be further defined using Aspen Plus™ software to develop process flow diagrams and heat and material balances. Laboratory experiments will be conducted to gather process chemistry information as inputs to the flow sheet models and economic assessment. Preliminary equipment sizing will be performed to enable a capital cost estimate and the flow sheet models will be used to gather operating cost information. The process definition, laboratory measurements, and economic information will be reviewed before committing to bench-scale testing. An existing Battelle bench-scale solvent testing system will be retrofitted to serve as the bench-scale system for the CO2BOLs/PSAR process. Bench-scale testing information will be gathered and an environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) evaluation will be performed.

CO2 BOLs are switchable ionic liquids that convert a non-polar
liquid to a polar ionic liquid with CO2 as the chemical trigger.

Project Details