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Development of a Two-Fluid Drag Law for Clustered Particles using Direct Numerical Simulation and Validation through Experiments

Performer: Florida International University

Project No: FE0007260

Project Description

The project team will develop an accurate drag correlation for gas-solid multiphase flow that includes the effect of clustered particles. DNS and experiments will be used to develop the drag correlation. The experiments will utilize high speed imaging to capture instantaneous solid volume fraction and particle velocities in a large laboratory scale gas solid riser column. Images of the clustered particle structures will then be converted into a computational model where the detailed flow field around the particles will be resolved using DNS. The drag force correlation will then be tested in the NETL open source multiphase gas solids flow and reactions simulation software MFIX (Multiphase Flow with Interphase eXchanges) by comparing the simulation results against experimental data (pressure loss) obtained in a vertical riser.

Project Details