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Structure and Dynamics of Fuel Jets Injected into a High-Temperature Subsonic Crossflow: High-Data-Rate Laser Diagnostic Investigation

Performer: Purdue University

Project No: FE0007099

Project Images

High-pressure reacting jet in vitiated crossflow test rig in operation with the new window assembly in place.

Schematic diagram of the high repetition rate OH-PLIF system with the intensified camera and combustor.

Photograph of the 5-10 kHz laser system for OH PLIF and PIV. The Edgewave diode-pumped, dual-head Nd:YAG laser is on the left. The Sirah Credo high-repetition-rate tunable dye laser in on the right.

Schematic diagram of the reacting jet in the vitiated swirling crossflow and the two window configuration.

A sequence of false colored PLIF images of J = 3 and φ = 3 case. This sequence of image is specifically chosen to show the complex flame structure and flame flapping phenomena. If the image at the top left corner represents time t = 0 sec, the last image shows time, t = 2.4 msec and all the images are taken at a Δt = 0.2 msec.

Plots showing the velocity vectors measured at the plane z/d = 0.5 from the nozzle exit plane for two test conditions, i) J = 3 and Φjet=3.0 (top) and ii) J = 8 and Φjet=3.0 (bottom). Contour on left column shows average axial velocity field and contour on right column shows average out of plane vorticity field.

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