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Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Evaluation of Concentrated Piperazine for CO2 Capture from Coal-Fired Flue Gas

Performer: URS Group Inc

Project No: FE0005654

Project Description

URS Group, in collaboration with the University of Texas and Trimeric Corporation, will investigate the use of concentrated piperazine (PZ) as a solvent for absorbing CO2 from coal-fired power plant flue gas. Laboratory research, CO2 capture process modeling, and preliminary pilot results with synthetic flue gas have shown concentrated PZ to have several advantages over other solvents. When coupled with a novel, high-temperature regeneration system that takes advantage of PZ’s enhanced thermal stability, the modeled process has demonstrated significant progress toward meeting the DOE goal of capturing 90 percent of the CO2 with less than a 35 percent increase in the cost of electricity (COE). This project will investigate the concentrated PZ process for the first time with coal-fired flue gas and at scales of 0.1 MWe and 0.5 MWe to provide data to assess the technical and economic feasibility of a potential future full-scale version of this technology.

The PZ-based CO2 absorption process will undergo a series of three field tests to gain operational experience with the solvent in coal-fired flue gas, while employing a novel, high-temperature, two-stage flash regeneration design. The tests will be conducted at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization’s (CSIRO) Post-Combustion Capture (PCC) facility, University of Texas’ Separations Research Program (SRP) plant, and DOE’s National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC).

University of Texas’ SRP Plant.

Project Details