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Development and Test of a 1,000 Level 3C Fiber Optic Borehole Seismic Receiver Array Applied to Carbon Sequestration

Performer: Paulsson Inc.

Project No: FE0004522


The accomplishments are all related to the goal of developing a new fiber optic seismic array and include:

  • Developed an ultra sensitive FOSS™ and tested it at high temperature and over a large range of frequencies and loads.

  • Developed a facility to manufacture high performance FOSS™ arrays (Figure 1) and manufactured components for a five level FOSS™ array.

  • Fabricated a 5 level 3C array prototype and performed laboratory functionality testing.

  • Developed a deployment system strong enough to deploy a 1,000 level 3C borehole seismic array in boreholes.

  • Conducted a field test of the prototype 5 level 3C seismic array (Figure 2).

Project Details