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Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Recovery Act: Evaluation of Solid Sorbents as a Retrofit Technology for CO2 Capture

Performer: ADA-ES Inc.

Project No: FE0004343

Project Description

ADA-ES (ADA) and partners will design, construct and operate a 1 MW equivalent gas flow pilot-scale test unit to evaluate the performance and cost of an advanced solid sorbent CO2 capture technology. Results will be used to prepare detailed designs and cost estimates for industrial- and utility-scale CO2 capture applications.

The project will utilize progress on sorbent technology as demonstrated in bench-scale viability tests from a separate DOE project (DE-NT0005649) and will refine and optimize sorbent capture and regeneration processes through pilot testing and process modeling. Previous laboratory and preliminary field testing, engineering analyses, and physical modeling have shown that solid sorbent-based CO2 capture is a promising alternative to solvent-based capture technologies and it has distinct benefits due to anticipated lower regeneration energy requirements and higher CO2 capacity. ADA has evaluated over 100 potential CO2 sorbents from 20 developers in 6 countries to select sorbents for scale-up and has identified supported amines and activated carbon as the best performing candidates. Based on model and optimization studies of the solid sorbent technology process, the project will design, construct, and operate a 1 MW pilot plant on a slipstream of coal-fired flue gas for parametric studies and for a minimum two-month period of steady state operation. The information gained from the project operation will be used to complete a technical and economic analysis of the process.

Project Details