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Carbon Storage - Carbon Use and Reuse

Conversion of CO2 into Commercial Materials Using Carbon Feedstocks

Performer: Research Triangle Institute

Project No: FE0004329


  • Researchers have completed the evaluation of reactivity for CO2 gasification with a variety of carbon sources (industrial waste, fossil fuels, municipal solids waste, and biomass), and investigated the correlation between reactivity and the physical and chemical properties of carbon sources (Figure 2). Results have suggested that the carbon source does affect overall reactivity, in which biomass and municipal solid waste were shown to result in highly reactive carbon.

  • Researchers have investigated and demonstrated that a catalyst can significantly improve carbon reactivity (by a factor of 20 to 30) and have implemented a catalyst development program, which has shown: (1) Increased carbon reactivity through the evaluation of active components and promoters; (2) Catalyst samples developed through this research are suitable for transport reactor applications.

  • Researchers have completed a techno-economic analysis of a process demonstrating the economic feasibility of the production of acetic acid and methyl methacrylate. The project is currently investigating the techno-economic analysis for CO and hydrogen (H2) production.

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