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Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations of a Regenerative Process for Carbon Dioxide Capture in Advanced Gasification Based Power Systems

Performer: Illinois Institute of Technology

Project No: FE0003997

Project Description

The project team is investigating a regenerative MgO-based process for the simultaneous removal of CO2 and enhancement of H2 production. If successful, this process would improve CO2 absorption capacity and allow for fast and complete regeneration.

The team is focusing on a process that consists of a two reactor system (i.e., absorber and regenerator) containing a mixture of MgO-based sorbents and a commercially available water-gas-shift (WGS) reaction catalyst. The sorbents are characterized by a particle porosity distribution (PPD) whose evolution during the process can strongly affect both the reaction rates of absorption/regeneration and the particle phase fluid dynamics. To account for such effects, a multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model is being developed which will include a population balance equation (PBE) governing the PPD evolution.

Also, the project is obtaining the experimental data necessary to determine the key parameters for the CO2 absorption/ regeneration and the WGS reactions. These parameters will be used to describe the variation of the density and gas compositions due to the reactions. The model will be solved and simulations of the regenerative CO2 removal process will be performed. The simulation results will be used to determine the optimum reactor configuration and geometry as well as the operating conditions for the CO2 removal and H2 production.

Project Details