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Recovery Act: Skymine Beneficial CO2 Use Project

Project No: FE0002586


The project team and support entities met the Phase 1 objectives by completing a design and plan for building a SkyMine® pilot plant capable of demonstrating a capture rate of 75,000 metric tonnes (82,687 tons) of CO2 per year at a suitable host site in San Antonio, Texas. All of the necessary components, such as process flow diagrams, process verification, site and facility drawings, vendor and host site agreements, environmental permitting plans, and commercial off-take agreements, were addressed in Phase 1 to prepare for successful pilot plant design, construction and process technology testing and demonstration in Phase 2.

Lab scale testing continued in Phase 2 to optimize the pilot plant process design. Detail design of the pilot plant has been started, and private investor funding has been secured by Skyonic to complete detail design and start the construction phase of the project.

Project Details