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Geologic Sequestration Training and Research (GSTR) -

Recovery Act: Actualistic and Geomechanical Modeling of Reservoir Rock, CO2 and Formation Flue Interaction, Citronelle Field, Alabama

Performer: University of Alabama

Project No: FE0002225


  • As of March 2012, nine students had accumulated 3,996 training related hours under the program.
  • Sampled cores from seven wells, including the injection well and the well closest to the project site.
  • Analyzed sandstone bulk geochemical composition in order to characterize the storage reservoir.
  • Analyzed produced water samples for characteristics similar to other oil field brines in order to effectively model fluid properties. Results indicate produced waters are undersaturated or saturated with respect to many primary rock silicate minerals, evaporates, and carbonates. Supersaturation found with respect to clays, zeolites, feldspars, and iron oxyhydroxides at 25oC.
  • Performed an analysis of supersaturated components of produced waters to analyze potential storage and usage patterns.

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