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Carbon Storage - Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment

Tagging Carbon Dioxide to Enable Quantitative Inventories of Geological Carbon Storage

Project No: FE0001535

Project Description

This three-year project—performed by faculty and researchers from Columbia University—will develop an injection system for tagging CO2 with carbon 14 (14C) at an atmospheric level (1 part per trillion) and measuring the radioactivity in collected samples. Such tagging of injected CO2 will lead to quantitative monitoring of CO2 and make it possible to accurately inventory geologically stored carbon. The systems will be tested in the laboratory and at the CarbFix demonstration project in Iceland, where CO2 is injected into a permeable basalt formation at 1,970 feet in depth. Once the technology is proven, adoption of this system will provide a quantitative methodology to verify the amount of CO2 stored, thereby increasing confidence in geologic storage.

Project Details