CCS and Power Systems

Carbon Storage - Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment

In Situ MVA of CO2 Sequestration Using Smart Field Technology

Performer: West Virginia University

Project No: FE0001163

Program Background and Project Benefits

It will be necessary to improve existing monitoring technologies, develop novel systems, and protocols to satisfy regulations to track the fate of subsurface CO2 and quantify any emissions from reservoirs. The Carbon Storage Program is sponsoring the development of technologies and protocols by 2020 that are broadly applicable in different geologic storage classes and have sufficient accuracy to account for greater than 99 percent of all injected CO2. If necessary, the tools will support project developers to help quantify emissions from carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects in the unlikely event that CO2 migrates out of the injection zone. Finally, coupled with our increased understanding of these systems and reservoir models, MVA tools will help in the development of one of DOE’s goals to quantify storage capacity within ± 30 percent accuracy.

Successful performance of this project will improve the understanding of factors affecting CO2 storage permanence and capacity, and increase confidence that CO2 placed in geologic formations is accurately tracked and that any leakage is detected and quickly treated. Results of the project are expected to be broadly applicable to a variety of geologic storage technologies and projects seeking to model potential CO2 leakage from geologic formations.

Project Details