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Micro-Structured Sapphire Fiber Sensors for Simultaneous Measurements of High Temperature and Dynamic Gas Pressure in Harsh Environments

Performer: University of Cincinnati

Project No: FE0001127

Project Description

The focus of this project is to conduct fundamental and applied research leading to the successful development and demonstration of robust, multiplexed, micro-structured sensors that use single-crystal sapphire fibers. At the core of this technology are hybrid extrinsic/intrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer (HEIFPI) sensors directly micromachined on a sapphire fiber using an ultrafast laser. This hair-thin, cylindrical filament made of single-crystal sapphire is able to transmit light by confining it within regions of different optical indices of refraction. These sensors can be deployed into the hot zones of advanced power and fuel systems (such as inside a coal gasifier or gas turbine system) with the goal of simultaneously measuring temperature (up to 1600 degrees Celsius [°C]) and dynamic gas pressure.

Project Details