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Carbon Storage - Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment

Quantification of Wellbore Leakage Risk Using Non-Destructive Borehole Logging Techniques

Performer: Schlumberger Carbon Services

Project No: FE0001040

Project Description

Schlumberger Carbon Services (SCS) and partners have identified leaky wellbores as an important risk to storage integrity that warrants further study to develop methods to quantify the risk of leakage in active and abandoned wellbores. This three-year project is working to develop methods for risk quantification that can be directly applied to individual wells using measurements from borehole logging tools. Models for leakage risk of wells can be developed that use collected data to establish the overall probability of leakage of a given well. Logging information is input into a model to evaluate the probability of leakage for specific zones in the well, e.g., the casing, cement, cemen tcasing interface, cement-formation interface, and any existing defects (Figure 1).

Project Details