CCS and Power Systems

Carbon Storage - Geologic Storage Technologies and Simulation and Risk Assessment

Zero Emissions Research and Technology (ZERT) II - Investigating Fundamental Scientific Issues Affecting the Long-Term Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide

Performer: Montana State University

Project No: FE0000397


  • Advanced and extended numerical simulation capabilities in multiple areas: (a) parallel implementation, (b) reactive transport modeling, (c) injection well models, (d) reservoir to surface leakage modeling, (e) hysteresis modeling, (f) reactive-transport code-static geomodel (Earth Vision) integration, and (g) coupled geomechanical modeling.

  • Developed a field site for verification/testing of near-surface detection technologies and transport codes.

  • Developed a modular framework and a computational decision tool, CO2-PENS, to address the need for assessing performance and MVA aspects of multiple sites.

  • Constructed both batch and flow-through reaction vessels for investigation of CO2 interaction with formation waters, formation minerals, caprock materials, and cements.

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