CCS and Power Systems

Crosscutting Research - Plant Optimization Technologies

DOE-WRI Cooperative Research and Development Program for Fossil Energy-Related Resources

Performer: University of Wyoming Research Corporation

Project No: FC26-08NT43293

Project Description

This joint project between the DOE NETL and WRI program focuses on the following key areas:

  • Increased energy independence through more efficient and environmentally responsible production and use of domestic energy resources, including enhanced oil recovery; heavy oil upgrading; recovery of value-added products from abandoned gas fields; development of gas-to-liquid technologies; coal beneficiation, upgrading, and use; enhanced coalbed methane recovery; development of technologies for the production of hydrogen and other alternative fuels from fossil fuels; and the development of technologies for efficient use of renewable energy resources (primarily biomass).

  • Environmental programs to minimize the impact of energy production and enhance the use of U.S. and sub-bituminous western coals, oil, gas, and coalbed methane resources. Efforts focus on technologies development and technical services for carbon capture and reuse, mitigation of hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions such as mercury, arsenic and selenium from coal-fired power plants, use of coal combustion by-products in novel applications, mitigation of the impact of produced waters from coalbed methane and natural gas development, bioremediation of oil contaminated materials, and use of waste biomass in bio-refinery applications.

  • Technology transfer activities to promote the commercialization of new technologies or the application of existing technologies in novel ways, including studies that help communities and businesses use appropriate technologies of which they may not be aware.

  • Technology enhancement activities to help mitigate the environmental effects of energy production and lead to more efficient energy production from strategic resources, including the development and improvement of environmental sensors, resource models, and process controls.

Project Details