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Crosscutting Research - Plant Optimization Technologies

Development of Computational Capabilities to Predict the Corrosion Wastage of Boiler Tubes in Advanced Combustion Systems

Performer: Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.

Project No: FC26-07NT43097


Major accomplishments to date include (1) all eight (8) sample coals were pulverized and delivered to Brigham Young University; (2) all eight (8) coal tests have been completed in the BFR burner: Illinois #6, Powder River Basin (PRB), Indiana #6, Ohio Mahoning #7, Kentucky #11, Pittsburgh #8, Ohio Gatling, and Beulah Zap (ND lignite) coals; (3) ash deposits of all eight (8) coals were obtained from the BFR burner and analyzed for chemical composition, particle size distribution and particle morphology; (4) gas composition sampling and analysis in the BFR reducing and oxidizing zones was completed for all eignt (8) coals burned in the BFR; and (5) laboratory-scale corrosion testing is underway on PRB, Ohio Mahoning #7, Beulah Zap lignite and Illinois #6 coals in conditions simulating the upper furnace (oxidizing zone) and lower furnace (reducing zone) regions of a coal-fired boiler using these coal types.

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