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Carbon Storage - Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships/Injection Projects

Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership (PCORP) Phase II and Phase III

Performer: University of North Dakota

Project No: FC26-05NT42592


  • Injection of CO2 began in May 2013.

  • Completed surface and near surface baseline monitoring.

  • Completed drilling, coring, logging, and installation of permanent downhole monitoring equipment on a dedicated monitoring well.

  • Drilled and completed two deep groundwater-monitoring wells in the lowermost USDW.

  • Collected high resolution log data and geologic core on two additional characterization wells.

  • Installed soil gas profile stations.

  • Began passive seismic monitoring.

  • Completed baseline 3-D vertical seismic profile surveys, 3-D surface seismic survey, and pulsed-neutron log campaign.

  • Completed update of geocellular model and associated history matching and predictive simulations utilizing newly collected data from characterization and baseline MVA activities.

  • Completed technical risk assessment.

Fort Nelson

  • Completed drilling, coring, and logging of the stratigraphic well at the Fort Nelson site.

  • Acquired existing 2-D and 3-D seismic data in the area of the Fort Nelson site.

  • Completed two rounds of modeling and risk assessments for the Fort Nelson site.

  • The Fort Nelson CCS Project was recognized by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) at its London Ministerial meeting held in October 2009.

PCOR Programmatic Accomplishments

  • Conducted second round of PCOR Partnership programmatic risk assessment.

  • Outreach products have received multiple awards. For example, "Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: The Role of Markets", which was an original 30-minute feature production providing information on anthropogenic CO2 emissions, received a Communicator Award of Excellence.

  • "Out of the Air-Into the Soil: Land Practices that Reduce Atmospheric Carbon", another original 30-minute feature production received a Communicator Award of Excellence and a Gold Aurora Award. "Global Energy and Carbon: Tracking Our Footprint," the EERC’s fifth 30-minute production, received a Platinum Best of Show Aurora Award.

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