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Carbon Storage - Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships/Injection Projects

Big Sky Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership - Phase II and Phase III

Performer: Montana State University

Project No: FC26-05NT42587


The project is still in the beginning stages of development and there have been few field operations to date. However, the following accomplishments have been achieved:

  • Montana State University has met extensively with all relevant regulatory agencies within Montana from whom permits and/or other approvals will be required during the course of the project.

  • Multiple community meetings and individual landowner meetings have been held in the towns of Shelby and Sunburst in the vicinity of the Kevin Dome site as part of the project’s public outreach efforts.

  • BSCSP conducted an analysis of the features, events, and processes (FEPs) and scenario analysis of potential project risks and has created a risk management database. Additionally, an initial probabilistic modeling run of injectivity has been performed.

  • An Environmental Assessment (EA) of the project has been completed and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process is complete.

  • Approximately 9 sq. mi. of 3-D, 9-component surface seismic has been shot in the injection region and the data has been processed and interpreted. There is very good signal to noise on the long offset shear wave data which may permit separation of the density and rigidity contributions to the seismic response.

  • BSCSP has completed the initial static geologic model which incorporates hundreds of wells for multiple formation tops, 32 logs digitized for geophysical parameters, purchased 2D seismic, and the first phase of the BSCSP 3D, 9C seismic data.

  • Initial flow modeling has been performed including sensitivity analysis for both the injection and production regions. A reactive transport run has been performed as well.

  • A core plan has been developed.

  • Locations for the injection well, first production well, and first monitoring well have been selected and the wells have been designed.

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