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Project No: FC26-04NT41837

Project Description

In Phase III, the work will focus on the continued development of cell and stack technology via design and materials development with emphasis on performance, reliability, cost, and manufacturing enhancement. This development will be supported through the fabrication, testing, and post-test analyses of the fuel cells and fuel cell stacks, culminating in the test of a ≥ 30kW stack tower for 3000 hours or more. The stack tower test shall meet DOE cost goals (≤ $700/kW power block, ≤ $175/kW stack, 2007 $) and endurance goals (≤ 1.5%/1000 hours steady-state degradation). With successful stack tower test, FCE will fabricate and test a SOFC-based small-scale proof-of-concept module system, including the SOFC stacks, mechanical balance of plant (BOP), and electrical BOP. Cost and IGFC system performance analyses will be updated as the work progresses.

FCE relies upon state-of-the-art planar SOFC technology provided by VPS. A cell is composed of a Ni-YSZ anode, YSZ electrolyte, and a proprietary perovskite cathode, and it has an electrochemically active area of 550 cm2. Cells are manufactured by tape casting, screen printing, and co-sintering(TSC). The repeat-unit building blocks of the fuel cell stack consist of a cell and coated low-cost stainless steel interconnects. The repeat units are assembled into stacks, which are in turn aggregated into modules of the desired power rating.

Project Details