On-Site Research Core Competencies

Engineering Solutions using an Integrated Approach

Computational Science Functional Materials Predictive Geosciences
Energy Process Innovation Materials Characterization Structural Materials
Engineered Natural Systems Molecular Science Thermal Sciences

Computational Science & Engineering

Specific Expertise: Multiphase Flow, Multi-scale Simulation & Optimization, Simulation, Data Analysis & Vizualization

ORD’s Computational Science and Engineering competency consists of conducting applied scientific research and developing physics-based simulation models, methods, and tools to support the development and deployment of novel process and equipment designs. Research includes advanced computations to generate information beyond the reach of experiments alone by integrating experimental and computational sciences across different length and time scales.

Energy Process Innovation

Specific Expertise: Catalytic Process, Reactor & Process Development

Energy Process Innovation involves developing and evaluating prototypes of advanced multiphase reactor concepts and designs and performing validation studies. Research includes the areas of hydrodynamics and kinetics as well as reactor and process development.

Engineered Natural Systems

Specific Expertise: Analytical Bio-Geochemistry, Geology, Monitoring

ORD develops processes, techniques, instrumentation, and relationships to collect, interpret, and disseminate data in an effort to characterize and understand the behavior of engineered natural systems. Research includes investigating theoretical and observed phenomena to support program needs and developing new concepts in the areas of analytical biogeochemistry, geology, and monitoring.

Functional Materials

Specific Expertise: Separations Materials, Electro-Chemical & Magnetic Material

The Functional Materials Development Division discovers and develops advanced functional materials and component processing technologies to meet technology performance requirements and enable scale-up for proof-of-concept studies. The Division’s research includes separations materials and electrochemical and magnetic materials.

Materials Characterization

Specific Expertise: Chemical & Thermal Analysis, Microscopic Analysis

Researchers in ORD’s Functional Materials Development competency work to discover and develop advanced functional materials and component processing technologies to meet technology performance requirements and enable scale-up for proof-of-concept studies. Research includes separations materials and electrochemical and magnetic materials.

Molecular Science

Specific Expertise: Molecular Optimization, Materials Fundamentals

ORD’s Molecular Science competency provides technology-enabling computational and experimental insight into the atomic-level processes occurring in condensed matter and gas phase systems or at the heterogeneous surface-gas interfaces used for energy applications. Research includes molecular optimization as well as both classical and high-throughput material design.

Predictive Geosciences

Specific Expertise: Fluid-Rock Geochemistry, Fluid-Rock Geophysics

Researchers in the Predictive Geosciences competency develop and calibrate efficient tools and quantitative relationships for the science-based prediction of the behavior of engineered-natural systems. Research includes fluid-rock geochemistry, fluid-rock geophysics, and geochemical engineering.

Structural Materials Development

Specific Expertise: Advanced Alloys, Refractory Ceramics, Service Exposure

Structural Materials Development enables advanced technologies through the discovery, development, and demonstration of cost-effective advanced structural materials for use in extreme environments (high-temperature, high-stress, erosive, and corrosive environments, including the performance of materials in contact with molten slags and salts). Research includes materials design and discovery, materials processing and manufacturing, and service-life prediction of materials performance. Research is conducted from bench-scale through scale-up and field trials for proof-of-concept, with emphasis on high-temperature alloys, refractories, and structural ceramics.

Thermal Sciences

Specific Expertise: Aerothermo-Dynamics & Heat Transfer, Innovative Energy Concepts, Sensors & Diagnostics

ORD’s Thermal Sciences competency provides the scientific, engineering, and technology development community with innovative and efficient approaches to measure, harness, and convert thermal energy. Research includes sensors, advanced energy concepts, and thermodynamic optimization.

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