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NETL-RUA Critical Material Research Alliance

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), in collaboration with several prominent research institutions and an industrial partner, has formed the Critical Materials Research Alliance (CMRA) to address the challenges faced in revitalizing the rare earth industry.

The NETL-Regional University Alliance (RUA) CMRA is focused on enabling the exploitation of diverse supply sources through the development of a portfolio of viable technologies, which will address a spectrum of challenges from extraction to producing a usable commodity and a full range of critical applications. NETL-RUA recognizes that new insights into basic science are the catalyst for groundbreaking technologies; therefore, performing research at all stages of technology advancement—from basic to applied science and development to deployment—is a priority. The NETL-RUA CMRA will develop advanced/high-performance materials that use critical elements more efficiently or that may reduce or eliminate the need for them altogether. The NETL-RUA CMRA intends to emphasize commercialization in order to improve economic, energy, and national security.

ritical materials are essential to the clean energy economy, with a high demand and limited substi-tutes, and are at risk for supply disruptions. The NETL-RUA CMRA performs research to identify and tackle the technological challenges associated with revitalizing domestic industries and increasing their competitiveness in areas related to these critical materials.

The NETL-RUA CMRA is interested in research and industrial partnerships. For more information, Contact Us today!

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