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National Energy Technology Laboratory—Regional University Alliance (NETL-RUA) is a research collaboration that combines NETL's expertise in technology development and demonstration with the diverse capabilities of industry and university partners.


 Domestic natural gas and oil resources will continue to play an increasingly critical role in meeting U.S. energy needs provided they can be produced in a manner that effectively addresses environmental con-cerns. Laboratory experimentation and characterization are used by NETL-RUA to predict and quantify potential risks associated with oil and gas resources in shale reservoirs.

Perform Innovative Research
NETL-RUA develops and deploys safe, efficient, and affordable energy technologies to power the world’s homes, industries, businesses, and transportation while protecting the environment and enhancing our nation’s energy independence.

 Start-up company Pyrochem Catalyst Corporation is commercializing an NETL-RUA catalyst system that turns diesel into synthesis gas. This technology promises to make low-emission solid oxide fuel cells available to power everyday applications—initially to power recreational vehicle and long-haul trucking auxiliary power units and, eventually, for use in full-scale power-generation systems.

Accelerate Commercialization
NETL-RUA accelerates commercialization of advanced technologies by engaging industry early and combining experimental research with computer models to reduce the time, risk, and expense of developing new technology from design to deployment.

 NETL-RUA partnerships encourage future generations to maintain U.S. leadership in the energy indus-try. From left, Scott Klara (NETL), Congjun Wang (URS), and Jonathan Lekse and Kristi Kauffman (NETL Student Interns) in one of NETL’s on-site labs.

Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders
Through hands-on engagement with NETL-RUA research efforts, students and early career researchers are provided the opportunity to conceive of and create our energy future.

 NETL-RUA has designed a portable monitoring system to help ensure that shale drilling sites comply with environmental regulations. Volatile organic compounds, dust, light, and sound coming from re-mote well pads can be monitored via cell phone signal from an operator’s office computer. The system is small enough to be installed by a single technician and is designed as a low-cost, off-the-shelf unit for a variety of drilling operations.

Increase Economic Impact
NETL-RUA leverages core competencies to a broader range of energy and environmental issues and clients to create new products and jobs.


Partnering with NETL-RUA

The U.S. electricity transmission system—the Grid—is in need of expansion and updating. Much of the basic design and main infrastructure of the grid is 50 to 100 years old in most parts of the U.S. Improv-ing the performance of the grid is a key component of an NETL-RUA goal to improve energy efficiency, reliability, and power security and for integrating a balanced clean-energy resource portfolio. The NETL-RUA Grid Technologies Collaborative is working in conjunction with industry partners to engage in re-search that develops advanced grid-scale power electronics devices and systems for utility-scale high power applications at the transmission and distribution levels.

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