Research Approach

Research Approach

NETL’s onsite research approach is based on integrating simulation tools with targeted experimental validation at real-life conditions in the lab and in the field.  Simulation tools increase confidence in designs, thereby reducing the risk associated with incorporating multiple innovative technologies, realizing scale-up, and predicting the behavior and properties of real materials. The scientific underpinnings encoded into these models also ensure that learning will be maximized from successive technology generations.  The end result is an accelerated path to technology development and deployment.

For advanced energy systems, this approach consists of using validated simulation tools to accelerate device and system scale-up, while material and device performance is tested under real conditions and environments to enable development of needed material function and capability.

This same integrated approach is also applied to engineered natural systems.  Validated simulation tools predict behavior of engineered natural systems, from reservoir to receptor. Field-scale data is used to calibrate and validate model predictions, and real materials are studied under real conditions to develop a scientific understanding of the material’s behavior.

Solutions that are engineered using this integrated approach result in accelerated scientific understanding that speed energy technology development. 

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