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2014 Annual IOGCC Conference

Detailed project descriptions, including links to project related publications and publically available deliverables, are provided for many of the Oil and Natural Gas Technology program's current and completed projects.

Special Report:
Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Natural Gas Development and Production
This report summarizes the current state of published descriptions of the potential environmental impacts of unconventional natural gas upstream operations within the Lower 48 United States. As a survey, this report is by no means exhaustive. The goal of this report is to ensure that the predominant concerns about unconventional natural gas development, as covered by current literature, are identified and described. The sources cited are publicly available documents. Multiple publications on similar topics are compared and contrasted based only on their technical and methodological distinctions. No opinion or endorsement of these works is intended or implied.

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  • Fire in the Ice: A publication highlighting the National Methane Hydrate R&D Program
  • E & P Focus:  A publication highlighting NETL's oil and natural gas research 


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E&P and Methane Hydrate Bibliographies:
Oil and Natural Gas R&D Program Bibliography [PDF] The bibliography contains a listing of DOE/NETL-sponsored student researchers as well as reports and presentations resulting from Oil and Natural Gas R&D Program research projects.
Methane Hydrates Project Reports Bibliography[PDF] The bibliography lists publications resulting from DOE/NETL-sponsored methane hydrate R&D Program research projects.

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