Title: The Role of Coal in a Smart Grid Environment
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-430/061110
Publication Date: 11/2011
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Joel Theis
Program/Technology: Electricity Grid
Author: Jovan Ilic (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Shawn Rabiei (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Marija Prica (Booz Allen Hamilton)
David S. Wilson (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Jesse Goellner (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Steve Pullins (Horizon Energy Group)
Joe Miller (Horizon Energy Group)
Tom Grabowski (Horizon Energy Group)
Harvey Goldstein (WorleyParsons Group, Inc.)
Christopher Wyatt (Sextant Technical Services, Inc.)
Steven Knudsen (Sextant Technical Services, Inc.)
Synopsis: This report discusses how the traditional role of coal might change in a "Smart Grid” environment. We examine new roles that might leverage the advantages and mitigate the challenges for coal generation. Topics include: i) How baseload demand might change as Smart Grid technologies are adopted, ii) ways that coal might service this changing baseload including centralized generation, distributed generation (DG), and combined heat and power (CHP), and, iii) the potential for coal to provide ancillary services and reserves. A "Smart Grid City of the Future” model is developed to demonstrate operational and economic characteristics of coal generation technologies. The revision involves changing the payback period from four years to six years for the Smart Grid City analysis.
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