Title: A Kinetic Approach to the Catalytic Oxidation of Mercury in Flue Gas
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 09/2009
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Program/Technology: Environmental & Water
Author: Evan Granite (NETL)
Richard A. Hargis
Andrew Karash
William J. O'Dowd (NETL)
Henry W. Pennline (NETL)
Albert A. Presto

In this paper, the authors propose a method for analyzing mercury oxidation catalyst results in a kinetic framework using the bulk reaction rate for oxidized mercury formation normalized by either the catalyst mass or surface area. Four mercury oxidation catalysts were tested in a packed bed reactor in the presence of flue gas generated by the NETL 500 lb/h coal combustor: Ir, Ir/HCl, Darco FGD activated carbon, and Thief/HCl. The catalyst-normalized results allow for more quantitative analysis of mercury oxidation catalyst data and a model that will allow for efficient scaling up from laboratory-scale to larger-scale studies.

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