Title: NETL's 2005 Coal Power Plant Database
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 04/2007
Publication Type: Model/Tool
Contact: Erik Shuster
Program/Technology: Environmental & Water
Author: Erik Shuster (NETL)

The NETL 2005 Coal Power Plant Database consolidates large quantities of information on coal-fired power plants in a single location. The database contains 191 fields and provides information on over 1,700 boilers and associated units. General fields in the database contain location, fuel, emissions, generation, cooling, and firing information for coal power units in the United States. The information is largely based off of the most recent release of the Annual Steam-Electric Plant Operation and Design data form, Energy Information Agency (EIA) Form 767 database report, available at the time of the update. The update took place in 2007 and the majority of the data used came from the 2005 release of EIA's Form 767 database report. Since then, Form 767 has been discontinued. Similar data that is more current can be found in the EIA-923 and 860 Database Annual Electric Generator Reports. NOTE: Click here for access to the database.

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