Title: QGESS: Cost Estimation Methodology for NETL Assessments of Power Plant Performance
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-2011/1455
Publication Date: 04/2011
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Wm. Morgan Summers
Program/Technology: Combustion
Hydrogen & Clean Fuels
Author: Wm. Morgan Summers (NETL)
John G. Wimer (NETL)
Synopsis: This paper summarizes the cost estimation methodology employed by NETL in its assessment of power plant performance. A clear understanding of the methodology used is essential for allowing different power plant technologies to be compared on a similar basis. Though these guidelines are tailored for power plants, they can also be applied to a variety of different energy conversion plants (e.g., coal to liquids, syngas generation, hydrogen). This document is part of the Office of Program Planning and Analysis’s Quality Guidelines for Energy Systems Studies (QGESS) series.
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