Title: Alternative Approaches to Reducing Petroleum Use and CO2 Emissions By Means of a Hydrogen Economy: Technology and Economic Modeling and Scenario Analysis
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 05/2005
Publication Type: Presentation
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Fuel Cells
Hydrogen & Clean Fuels
Author: Peter C. Balash (NETL)
Donald Hanson (ANL)
Dale Keairns (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Kenneth C. Kern (NETL)
John Marano (Consultant)
John Molburg (ANL)
Jeffrey Price (Bwres Consultants)
John Ruether (NETL)
Dave Schmalzer (ANL)
Kathy Stirling (NETL)

This presentation discusses the executive goals to reduce petroleum consumption and CO2 emissions by 2040. Current trends in fossil fuel consumption are presented in relation to the level of carbon dioxide emitted from each source. The presentation suggests alternative scenarios to achieve these goals, including alternative fuels and fuel efficiency improvements. AMIGA runs are used to demonstrate optimal outcomes under various scenarios.

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