Title: 2008 Carbon Sequestration Atlas of the United States and Canada
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 11/2008
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Carbon Sequestration
Author: Jay Braitsch (DOE)
Lynn Brickett (NETL)
Darin Damiani (NETL)
Dawn Deel (NETL)
William Fernald (DOE)
Bob Kane (DOE)
David Lang (NETL)
Bruce W. Lani (NETL)
John Litynski (NETL)
Lowell Miller (DOE)
William O'Dowd (NETL)
Sean I. Plasynski (NETL)

This document presents an overview of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technologies and comments on the government-level efforts in CCS including the development of the National Carbon Sequestration Database and Geographic Information System (NATCARB). Several maps showing the number, location, and magnitude of identified CO2 stationary sources in the U.S. and portions of Canada demonstrate the extent of CO2 storage available. Finally, a review of field projects and findings are presented, describing commercial opportunities of storing CO2 from stationary sources.

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