Title: Recommended Project Finance Structures for the Economic Analysis of Fossil-Based Energy Projects
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-401/090808
Publication Date: 09/2008
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Hydrogen & Clean Fuels
Author: John Haslbeck
Paul Worhach (Nexant)

This analysis develops a set of market validated financial assumptions, including the required internal rate of return for the equity portion of the investment (IRROE), cost of debt, and the financing structure (debt/equity ratio) needed to conduct comparative economic analyses of commercial and advanced coal-based power and fuel systems. These inputs are necessary to perform technical and economic analyses of coal-to-power, coal-to-liquids (CTL), coal-to-synthetic natural gas (CTG), natural gas to liquids (GTL) and natural gas to power technologies.

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