Title: South-Central Alaska Natural Gas Study
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 06/2004
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Environmental & Water
Oil & Natural Gas
Author: Tom C. Doughty (SAIC)
David D. Faulder (SAIC)
David M. Hite (SAIC)
Brent Sheets (NETL)
Charles P. Thomas (SAIC)

The purpose of this investigation is to identify and evaluate the options that will meet south-central Alaska's natural gas demand and provide for economic growth. The opportunities for ensuring adequate future supply of natural gas include: Development of additional gas reserves in existing Cook Inlet fields, exploration and development of new gas fields in the Cook Inlet Basin, and development of a spur pipeline to bring Alaska North Slope gas to the region. Each of these options is assessed for feasibility.

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