Title: Addressing the Critical Link Between Fossil Energy and Water
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 10/2005
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Environmental & Water
Oil & Natural Gas
Author: Terry Ackman (NETL)
John Duda (NETL)
Tom Feeley (NETL)
Lindsay Green (RDS)
Jeff Hoffman (NETL)
Robert Kleinmann (NETL)
James Murphy (RDS)

This paper discusses the demand for water from the fossil energy sector. In addition to demand, some resource acquisition practices may contribute to adverse water impacts and contamination. This paper summarizes the current water-related RD&D activities currently sponsored by DOE/FE and implemented by NETL in the areas of fossil-fuel-based thermoelectric power generation, coal mining, and oil and natural gas production.

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