Title: DOE NETL's Mercury Control Technology Field Testing Program: Preliminary Economic Analysis of Wet FGD Co Benefit Enhancement Technologies
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 05/2008
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Program/Technology: Environmental & Water
Author: Thomas J. Feeley III (NETL)
Andrew P. Jones

This report provides "study-level" cost estimates for two technologies designed to promote Hg0 oxidation and enhance wet FGD Hg capture: fixed-bed Hg0 oxidation catalysts, and coal treatment with a calcium bromide (CaBr2) solution. The economics were developed for "representative" 500 megawatt (MW) units burning three types of low-rank coal: North Dakota (ND) lignite, Powder River Basin (PRB) subbituminous, and a blend of 50% Texas lignite (TxL) and 50% PRB subbituminous coals, where each unit is assumed to be equipped with a large cold-side electrostatic precipitator (CS-ESP) for particulate control and a wet FGD system for SO2 and Hg2+ co-removal.

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