Title: Assessment of Future Vehicle Transportation Options and Their Impact on the Electric Grid - Presentation
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-2010/1466
Publication Date: 01/2011
Publication Type: Presentation
Contact: Justin Adder
Program/Technology: Environmental & Water
Electricity Grid
Author: Hilal Katmale
Steven Knudsen (Sextant Technical Services, Inc.)
Thomas Matta (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Matthew Merzig
Joe Miller (Horizon Energy Group)
Zephyr Taylor (Booz Allen Hamilton)

Using critical review of existing literature and independent analyses, NETL summarizes the future of vehicle transportation and its impact on the electric grid. It begins with a discussion of the technology performance characteristics and market potential of key competitors in the vehicle sector, in order to set the stage for the discussion of electric vehicles (EVs), which have the highest potential for short-term market penetration. EVs are also the key transportation technology that will have a significant impact on the electric power grid, making their usage and prevalence important to both electric utilities and load-serving entities and consumers.

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