Title: Environmental Impacts of Smart Grid - Presentation
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-2010/1428
Publication Date: 01/2011
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Justin Adder
Program/Technology: Environmental & Water
Electricity Grid
Author: Dennis Huber (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Steven Knudsen (Sextant Technical Services, Inc.)
Zephyr Taylor (Booz Allen Hamilton)

Using critical review of existing literature and independent analyses, NETL summarizes Smart Grid’s impact on the environment and identifies additional research to clarify the complex relationship between Smart Grid, applications enabled by Smart Grid and environmental impact. Major impacts on environmental emissions enabled by Smart Grid include load reduction/shift from demand response and demand side management; electric vehicle charging and electrification of transportation sector; shift in generation mix toward intermittent renewables; shift toward distributed generation located closer to load and improved transmission and distribution operations.

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