Title: Monitoring, Verification, and Accounting of CO2 Stored in Deep Geologic Formations
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 01/2009
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Carbon Sequestration
Author: Bruce Brown (SAIC)
Timothy Carr (SAIC)
Dawn Deel (NETL)
John Litynski (NETL)
Howard McIlvried (NETL)
Sean I. Plasynski (NETL)
Rameshwar D. Srivastava (SAIC)
Derek Vikara (SAIC)

This document was developed for regulatory organizations, project developers, and policymakers to increase awareness of existing and developing monitoring, verification, and accounting (MVA) techniques applied in geological sequestration sites for carbon dioxide. The contents discuss the principle goals of MVA and the effective techniques by which it is practiced. The report also provides case studies of domestic and international research sites.

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