Title: Subsurface Sources of CO2 in the United States. Volume II: Exploration of CO2 Systems
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-2014/1641
Publication Date: 03/2014
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Oil & Natural Gas
Carbon Sequestration
Author: Chris Nichols, Jeffrey Eppink, Tom Heidrick, Ramon Alvarado, Michael Marquis, Robert Wallace
Synopsis: A study of the genesis and tectonic setting of subsurface CO2 systems in the United States indicates that undiscovered CO2 reservoirs could contribute materially to CO2 supply for enhanced oil recovery.  Five geographic areas are estimated to contain 42 Tcf of risked technically recoverable CO2 resource (TRR).   Two lead areas near the Permian Basin, Val Verde and San Juan, contain 34 Tcf CO2 risked TRR, an amount roughly equivalent to the remaining TRR in discovered reservoirs that are currently supplying the region.  The number of lead areas studied was limited and the aggregate TRR estimates are not comprehensive.
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