Title: Gasification Plant Cost and Performance Optimization: Task 3 Final Report
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 05/2005
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Erik Shuster
Program/Technology: Gasification
Hydrogen & Clean Fuels
Author: Jeff Hoffman (NETL)
Sheldon Kramer (Nexant)
Francis Lau (GTI)
Alan Nizamoff (Nextant)
Scott Olsen (Nexant)
Mike Roberts (GTI)
Erik Shuster (NETL)
David Stopek (GTI)
Samuel Tam (Nexant)
Robert Zabransky (BTI)
Nelzon Zhan (NETL)

This study had three main objectives. The first was to examine the application of the gasifier at an industrial application in upstate New York using a Southeastern Ohio coal. The second was to investigate the GTI gasifier in a stand-alone lignite-fueled IGCC power plant application, sited in North Dakota. The final goal was to train NETL personnel in the methods of process design and systems analysis. As a result of this study, several areas have been identified in which research and development will further advance gasification technology. Such areas include improved system availability, development of warm-gas clean up technologies, and improved subsystem designs.

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