Title: Greenhouse Gas Reductions in the Power Industry Using Domestic Coal and Biomass - Volume 2: PC Plants
Publication Number: NETL/DOE-2012/1547
Publication Date: 02/2013
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Mike Matuszewski
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Author: Michael Matuszewski (NETL)
Eric Lewis (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Steve Herron (WorleyParsons Group, Inc.)
Synopsis: The objective of this study was to simulate biomass co-firing in greenfield Pulverized Coal (PC) power plants and examine the resulting performance, environmental response, and economic response. To develop a more complete understanding of the impact of co-feeding biomass, each case was examined using a limited life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis, which examines GHG emissions beyond the plant stack. Included in the limited life cycle GHG analysis were anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from the production, processing, transportation, and fertilization of biomass and from mining, transporting and handling coal.
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