Title: NETL Studies on the Economic Feasibility of CO2 Capture Retrofits for the U.S. Power Plant Fleet
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 01/2014
Publication Type: Presentation
Contact: Kristin Gerdes
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Author: Kristin Gerdes, Michael Matuszewski, Vincent Chou
Synopsis: FE funds technologies applicable to both greenfield and retrofit applications for CO2 capture.  This presentation provides the highlights from various retrofit studies including: (1) Quality Guidelines on retrofit difficulty cost factors, (2) Reference PC and NGCC plants retrofitted with post-combustion capture, and (3) Extrapolation of PC retrofit study results to the entire U.S. coal-fired power plant fleet to examine the costs of capture for each unit and determines how EOR and 2nd Generation capture technologies might incentivize CO2 capture.
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