Title: DOE NETL's Carbon Capture R&D Program for Existing Coal Fired Power Plants
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-2009/1356
Publication Date: 02/2009
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Phil DiPietro
Program/Technology: Combustion
Carbon Sequestration
Author: Timothy Fout (NETL)
Andrew P. Jones
James T. Murphy

A review and assessment of the DOE research and development (R&D) program directed specifically at post- and oxy-combustion CO2 capture technologies that can be retrofit to existing coal-fired power plants, and designed into new plants. The strategic plan for this program includes the development of advanced CO2 capture and compression technologies for both existing and new coal-fired power plants that, when combined, can achieve 90 percent CO2 capture at less than a 35 percent increase in cost of electricity (COE). Such technologies could then be available for commercial use by 2020.

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