Unit Process Library

A unit process is the smallest building block in a life cycle model. Each unit process contains qualified input and output data including resource requirements and emissions. The NETL Unit Process Library is available to increase the public's understanding of the tools used to inform energy policy and guide energy research. 

Each NETL unit process contains a DS and DF file. The DS file (Detailed Spreadsheet Documentation) is an Excel file that contains all of the parameters, inputs, and outputs for a given system as well as background data, calculations, and quality scores. The DF file (Process Documentation File) is a PDF document that contains major assumptions and data sources that are the basis for each unit process.

The NETL Unit Process Library can be accessed two ways:

Complete Listing of the Unit Process Library - This web page lists all of the unit processes alphabetically and includes links to the Detailed Spreadsheet Documentation (DS) and Process Documentation File (DF) files.

Unit Process Database - This Excel file contains links to the DS and DF files and allows unit processes to be filtered and sorted by feedstock type, life cycle stage, process type, etc.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the NETL Unit Process Library or the unit processes, please contact us at LCA@netl.doe.gov.